Best solvents for cannabis and hemp extraction   

Best solvents for cannabis and hemp extraction   

When attempting to extract oil from the cannabis plant, it is important to choose the right solvent and extraction method to use. This can depend on these two factors. The first is the part of the plant you’re extracting oil from. And the second is the kind of component you’re specifically trying to extract.   

Generally, the best solvents for these extractions possess a low boiling point and allow for easy recovery. Some of the best and often used solvents involved in the extraction include:  

  • Hexane  
  • Ethanol  
  • Butane   
  • Diethyl ether  
  • Isopropyl alcohol   

It is important to first consider what kind of separation method one wants to utilize before choosing a solvent.   

Two commonly used methods for cannabis and hemp separation are solvent extraction and CO2 extraction.    

What is solvent extraction?   

Solvent extraction involves the following steps:  

  • Dissolving a ground-up plant substance in a solvent  
  • Agitating and heating the solution   
  • Evaporation of the solvent  
  • Isolating the desired oil substance  

This extraction has been performed for decades and is known as cost-effective. It is also considered a reliable method to yield a high percentage of desired products.   

What is CO2 extraction?   

CO2 extraction is a more complex and expensive process than solvent extraction. This is due to it utilizing supercritical carbon dioxide to isolate the desired oil compounds.  

It is only used, however, for two extractions: CBD and THC. This is due to its ability to yield high amounts of the desired compounds without disrupting their purity.   

How do I know which method I should use?   

Though each method has its pros and cons, either can be used for cannabis and hemp extraction.   

However, it is worth noting that some argue that specifically for CBD extraction, CO2 extraction may be a more suitable method. While solvent extraction possesses an ideal solvent can also yield a pure oil with high cannabidiol content.   

Interested in solvents for cannabis or hemp extraction?  

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