Best Butane For Extraction

Best Butane For Extraction

What is Butane?

Natural gases are an important fossil fuel in its many uses in industrial businesses. The many beneficial uses of these fossil fuels is due to them being a naturally occurring material. A fossil fuel that is beneficial for extraction uses is butane. This hydrocarbon has the molecular formula of C4H10. A hydrocarbon is a compound that has carbon and hydrogen. These elements in the compound are what makes it such a good extractor. The importance of using this gas in the extraction process can be seen because it is more secure, and effective than other solvents used in the extraction process.

Here are a few properties of this gas:

  • odorless (gasoline)
  • colorless – liquid gas (stored under pressure)
  • gas (natural gas)
  • fossil fuel
  • alkane

Butane for Extraction

The extraction process using this gas is referred to as BHO (butane hash oil) extraction. In this extraction process, compounds are extracted using solvents. In this case, the solvent would be butane. The benefits of this kind of extraction are that it is low cost and very effective for extracting compounds. The best form of this gas for extraction is laboratory-grade butanol known as N-Butane. This is one of the cleaner versions of this gas and it is safer and has a higher evaporation rate which saves energy. This form of the gas is also a higher quality which will yield a purer product.

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