Benefits of ASE Extraction

Benefits of ASE Extraction

What is ASE or Accelerated Solvent Extraction?

The basis of Accelerated Solvent Extraction or ASE is an automated process in which elevated temperature and pressure is used to increase the efficient of the extraction process. The elevated pressure is used to keep the solvent in a liquid state as the temperature continues to rise past the boil point of the solvent.

 Accelerated solvent extraction result in an extraction process that requires less time, and less solvent is needed as well as used in the extraction process. Accelerated Solvent Extraction is used in many applications throughout the food industry and other industries. Accelerated Solvent Extraction is found in the food industry through products such as dietary supplements and natural products,

Temperature is the most important factor used in accelerated solvent extraction. Temperature is so important because the increased temperature causes the viscosity of the solvent to reduce which increases the ability of the solvent to penetrate the pores of the raw plant material quicker and more easily.

Pressure is the next important parameter used in accelerated solvent extraction. Temperature is not solely enough to achieve effective and efficient extractions. Without pressure, the increased temperature would cause the solvents used in extraction to boil over because most of the organic solvents used have a relatively low boiling point.

Main Benefits of Accelerated Solvent Extraction

Now that we know how the process of Accelerated solvent extraction works, it’s time to break down the added benefits of using this process over other processes:

  • Extremely time effective and efficient
  • Wide range of applications
  • Significantly less solvent needed
  • Reduction in solvent usage
  • Selective removal of undesired compounds/chemicals
  • EPA approved
  • Automated process which creates reproducibility

Conclusions of Accelerated Solvent Extraction

Accelerated Solvent Extraction is an extremely efficient form of extraction using liquid solvents. The extraction process can be performed in significantly less time while using smaller quantities of a solvent yielding higher results than other conventional methods.

How to Shop for Solvents for ASE?

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