All About Solvent Recycling

All About Solvent Recycling

What Are Residual Solvents

In the world of solvents, the term “residual” may get thrown around. Residual solvents refer to the leftover chemicals in the solvent extraction process. Typically, solvents are used to extract compounds from different materials, but the solvents themselves can be used in various circumstances. In its current form, it is possible for this solvent waste to be reused while some of the material’s usefulness is still preserved. The distillation process can help to re-purify a solvent, which then allows it to be reused in future production methods. 

Aside from the technical side, there are various benefits to recycling solvents. Solvent recycling is innately superior to disposal due to…

Environmental Impacts of Solvents

While solvents such as hexane are useful, they are not the best for the environment. Oftentimes, solvent disposal leaves behind hazardous waste that is bad for the environment. Solvent recycling is a key way to mitigate this issue. Without recycling, waste can be subject to issues such as flammability, corrosivity, explosivity, and toxicity. This can be difficult to dispose of and reuse if producers are not familiar with solvent recycling. 

Economic Impacts of Solvents

Solvents can undoubtedly be expensive. Learning the best ways to properly recycle them will allow your business to reduce costs. Extraction Grade Solvents focuses on bulk solutions, and with bulk orders comes an opportunity to maximize excess waste into products that can be reused. Schedule a consultation with us today to ensure that your organization is maximizing its solvent waste management practices.

Need Help With Solvent Recycling?

Here at Extraction Grade Solvents, we aim to interact with solvents in a way that prioritizes environmental health. As a service provider, we want to be a better resource for waste management. Contact us today! We are here to service your solvent recycling needs and can accommodate special handling instructions. Please schedule a free consultation with one of our specialists to learn more!