Acetone as a Solvent for Extraction

Acetone as a Solvent for Extraction

To describe a solvent, you must understand the difference between solute and solvent in the process of solution making. 

Solute– a substance that is added to a solvent to form a solution (can exist as solid, liquid, or gas) but the mixture is the same throughout (completely dissolves in another substance-uniformly distributed) à Usually has a higher boiling point  

  • Example: Salt  

Solvent– a substance that dissolves the solute particles during solution formation (typically a liquid state, depends on the temperature of the environment, the polarity of solvent important with solute)   

  • Example- Water “the universal solvent”  

Properties of Acetone

  • Dissolvable in water 
  • Burn rapidly (highly flammable)  
  • Strong smell  
  • Strong taste (nail polish remover association) 
  • Evaporates easily  
  • Naturally occurring 
  • Non-toxic  
  • Cost-effective 
  • Low boiling point  
  • Solvent  

What is Extraction?

Extraction is a way to separate the desired part of a substance or solution from other properties. When you have a mixture, the solvent is what is able to dissolve other materials to form a solution. Chemicals that are used in extraction typically are used to purify a specific substance or remove its contaminants. Two examples of common chemicals that are used in the process of extraction are acetone and hexane. These chemicals can be used in the extraction process because they have high evaporation rates and low boiling points which are perfect for chemical extraction. Hexane is not only used as a solvent, but also for cleaning purposes. The solvent extraction process is better when it comes to economical and practical concerns. 

Looking for Acetone or other solvents?   

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